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Pilates ball for PBT class

22cm exercise ball

Improves foot strength

Arch improvement tool

Available in Pink

This 22cm soft stability ball (T1022) from Tendu is the perfect tool to improve foot and arch strength.

Comes with a handy sheet explaining how to get the most out of your fusion ball.

Pilates Fusion Ball

  • Fusion Ball Instructions:

    Place two objects, such as two boxes, 20cm (8 inches) apart from each other and inflate the ball to the point where the edges of the ball are touching each object.

    Leave for 24 hours.

    Then places two objects (e.g. boxes) 23cm (9 inches) apart from each other and further inflate the ball to fit between the two objects. This is the maximum the ball should be inflated.

    Do not over-inflate.

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