Timetable & Classes Winter/Spring 2022


So looking forward to welcoming everyone back on the 4th of January 2022. Trials are available in all genre's. Please take alook at what we do below and follow the link to book  a class. 

Your safety is still our upmost priority and therefore we will be regularly cleaning and wiping common touchpoints, together with good ventilation and hand sanitising stations available. 

Please follow this link for our new timetable for  'Winter/Spring 2022'

Tiny Dancers

A creative Ballet session for 2-4 year old's in fantastic studios both in the week and on a Saturday with free parking & a waiting room. 

See your child's confidence grow before your eyes and watch how excited they get about their dancing lesson. Some children will naturally need more time than others to settle and while we encourage parents to 'go and have a cup of tea' ;), we also understand that some children need someone with them for the first few weeks. 

Dance is the perfect activity for your little ones. It is creative, active, engaging & fun and encourages them to take direction in a friendly and nurturing environment, eventually!! ;) 

Please follow this link for what to expect on your first class with us. 

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Tap Dance has been around since the 1600's & originated with the African slaves & the Irish settlers to America. Inspired by dancers such as Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines & The Nicholas Brothers, our classes are great fun & fantastic for fitness. 

Tap is a genre of dance to be enjoyed by all .

Beginners & established dancers all welcome. Children through to adult.

Following the ISTD syllabus and freestyle workshops.

We love our Tap @ RAPA!

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the core to all dance. The great skill & strength to this art form is inspiring to all young dancers. 

Ballet is fantastic for posture & fitness.

at RAPA we follow the ISTD syllabus.

Modern day footballers & rugby players practice Ballet to improve their balance & core and we are proud to have many boys taking up the subject at RAPA.

We also teach 'Progressive Ballet Technique'. 

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At RAPA we specialise in 'Freework' 'ID' & 'ISTD' Contemporary dance.

Contemporary is such a wonderful genre, allowing freedom of movement & expression through the use of lines, dynamics & space.

Alongside our core classes, Contemporary Dance is one of our extremely popular classes. 

Junior for age 6-10 - availability

Intermediates Age 11+ (register onto our waiting list)


Jazz, Musical Theatre & Commercial are all learnt in this class. The core of the industry.

A professional College style warm-up to engage the mind & body and prepare the flexibility and strength needed.

Practice for leaps & turns and then finished off with a routine which is implemented for a few weeks. 

Beginners are welcome to this class but it is recommended that either Modern or Ballet are studied too. 

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We love our 'Irish Dance' at RAPA! 

Miss. Emma toured the world for over 8 years with the globally acclaimed 'Spirit of the Dance'. An Irish dance company with over 20 years of International success. 

Emma runs an annual 'Easter Irish Workshop', which is current, commercial & exciting! Lead 'Spirit' Irish dancer 'Joe Miller'& 'Matt Smith' male lead from 'Lord of the Dance' are regular guest teachers at RAPA

Adult Ballet & Tap

If you have always fancied trying Ballet or Tap, whether for fun or to improve your health & fitness & you are looking for a friendly class in a great studio, then drop in on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

With classes for both beginners & intermediate level there is no excuse. 

Improve your strength or flexibility, learn to shuffle off to buffalo while having fun and adding around 4000 steps to your fitbit ;)

Shows optional!

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A Million Dreams - RAPA DANCE


Modern Dance is the basis for all dance you see today in the theatre, T.V and Music Videos.

Coupled with Jazz and Hip Hop, Modern gives the dancer great strength and a good understanding of Dance, musicality, flow and dynamics. At RAPA DANCE we follow the ISTD syllabus and Jazz Awards.

Progressive Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique is a new form of strength and technique training for the dancer. 'thera' bands and Gym Balls are used to help the student reach their potential.

Improved technique is noticeable almost instantly and this is therefore a really popular class and compulsory from Grade 3 Ballet.

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Hip Hop is a great way to get your child moving.

Lots of fun and great team building skills are developed in this class.

Classes available from age 4-9 years with games too developed their understanding and direction skills and then 10-15 years on Fridays.

Learn the moves needed to show off to your friends.


Parkour is a training discipline using fluid movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

This genre really develops their transitions from one move to the next and supports their dance and Contemporary training. 



Acro is becoming more and more popular and also important in the growing dancing world. It couples both Dance and Gymnastics to allow the dancer to perform the tricks needed today.