Modern Dance is the basis for all dance you see today in the Theatre, T.V and Music Videos. Coupled with Jazz and Hip Hop, Modern gives the dancer great strength and a good understanding of Dance.

Classical Ballet is the core to all Dance. The great strength and skill for this art form is inspiring to all young dancers and is a beautiful art. Great for posture and fitness, ballet is enjoyed by many children.

Tap Dance has been around since the 1600's and originated with the African Slaves and the Irish settlers to America.

Great fun and fantastic for fitness, Tap Dance is a genre to be enjoyed by all.

Hip Hop is a great way to get your children moving. Lots of fun and great team building skills are developed in this class. Learn the moves needed to show off to your friends.

Jazz, Musical Theatre and Commercial are all learnt in this class. A professional College style warm up, practice for leaps and turns finished off with a fast learning routine which is practised for a few weeks.

Progressing Ballet Technique is a new form of strength and technique training for the dancer. Thera bands and Gym Balls are used to help the student reach their potential. This is a really popular class.

If you have always fancied trying Ballet, whether for fun or to improve health and fitness and are looking for a fun and friendly class with great studios. Then drop in on Tuesday evenings.

Acro is becoming more and more popular and also important in the growing dancing world. It couples both Dance and Gymnastics to allow the dancer to perform the tricks needed today.

At RAPA we specialise in ID Contemporary Dance founded by the choreographer of 'Dance Moms'. Contemporary is such a wonderful genre allowing freedom of movement and expression

Fitness, Fun, Friendly!!!

With classes for both Beginners and Intermediate level there is no excuse. Learn to shuffle off to buffalo while having fun and adding around 4000 steps to your fitbit ;)

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